Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I like to follow this blog called the dares. (they are scrapbooking challenges)
This time I actually "dared" to do one. It was about "currents". What it is that is currently going on in your life/brain.
I'm a little late though, just as I was coming to post this page there was ANOTHER dare. I don't really care though, I'm just happy to have made time to do this... maybe I'll be more on top of the next one.... eh, probably not!
Journaling reads:
LISTENING: Mostly Kris Allen
EATING: loads of Salad - at least 1/day
DRINKING: lots of Water
WEARING: my new silver flip-flops with big silver flowers and gems
FEELING: thinner (just a tad)
NEEDING: Scrapbook Time
THINKING: I live a charmed life
ENJOYING: Running with my new iPod playlist
WONDERING:what it would be like if my house actually stayed clean
READING: David Archuleta - Chords of Strength and Eclipse (for the 2nd time) The Host is next.

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