Friday, October 19, 2012

Trick or Treat Pillows

So I know it's been a while since I've visited this blog. There are just too many things to do and so little time, and part of that involves laying on my back staring at the ceiling - hey a girl's gotta make room for priorities. But really, occasionally I do get something productive and even cute done once in a while.

Thanks to my good friend Annette - who on a whim, said, "I want to make these today." And so we did. Do you even understand how totally cute they are? Of course the idea came from Pinterest, you've probably seen them but I think we improved on them.

I've decided Caroline, Annette and I make a great team. 

Annette = Instigator, cheerleader, multiple resources (someone randomly gave her the "canvas" she had made it into a table cloth which she was happy to undo for the purpose of pillows for all).

(This picture was taken a few seconds before Caroline and I left to go to a High School Football game and left Annette alone with a stack of pillows and fabric - she did a lot of work for us that night, and clearly she did it in style, isn't she so cute?)

Caroline = Master seamstress (my newest title for her, although she has deserved it for a long time.) She figured out the measurements for the fabric etc. She also taught us the word for the little flap of fabric around the border of the "trick or treat" pillows, it's called the "flange" -- who knew (see... master!) AND she sewed a bulk of the pillow coverings for us. I had to try really hard to make the ones I actually had to do look as good as the ones she made. It brought me to a whole new standard of excellence. 

Stef = Owner of the brand new Silhouette, Cameo die cut machine. I know! BE JEALOUS! It is a fabulous machine!! I made the stencils for the letters. What a cute font, don't you think - it's one I've kind of ignored before, but in the future it's going to get a lot more use. It's called "June 15"

We used the Martha Stewart sparkly paint - it was a nice touch with the canvas.

The stack ofpumpkins on the porch are cute to eh? Again, another Pinterest idea.

The idea for the doormat with my address also came from Pinterest. We made these at the Super Saturday craft day that I was in charge of for church. When I showed it to Brad he wondered where I had ordered it from.  Someone at church thought I wove the rug. Silly! But, of course, I was flattered. 

And there you have it, my Fall porch! 


  1. You forgot to mention how creatively talented you are when it comes to picking out alternating fabrics!!! I LOVE these! They turned out so cute! And I'm so lucky to have a friend who owns a silhouette! One of these days...sigh :) CUTE inspiring blog! People will be pinning your stuff pretty soon! PS. I'm in search of googly eyes in my craft stuff right now, thanks to pinterest! Lol.

  2. I have just finished reading (that means drooling all over) your blog and your crafts and your spectacular craft area. I want to come over right now and be crafty for a solid week with you. (and have some applesauce). Hee.
    THOSE PILLOWS ARE SO DARN PERFECT I CAN BARELY TAKE IT. AAAAAAAAA! And I did NOT know the silhouette could do that. Oooooooooohhhhh... do I dare? Your porch is truly ADORABLE.
    Loving the banner and the owls. Oh my goodness, you are a creative MOGUL.
    Do tell me about the hanging shelf-y thing in your craft room topped with what looks like bottles of buttons. (HOW CUTE IS THAT!)
    Gosh, can you tell I miss you?
    Dianne - other Mogul